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19 products

  • New!

    Pack of 6 Hand Towel Skin Friendly 100% Egyptian Cotton 500GSM (White)

    Pack of 6 Hand Towel Skin Friendly  Pack of 6 Hand Towel 100% Egyptian Cotton Ultra Soft & High Absorbent - 500 GSM Extra Think White Hand...

    Regular price Rs.6,900.00 PKR
    Sale price Rs.6,900.00 PKR Regular price
  • New!

    12 X Hairdressers Salon Spa White Hand Towel 50x85 cm Egyptian Cotton

    12 X Hairdressers Salon Spa White Hand Towel 100% Cotton.  500 GSM. Hotel quality hand towels. Size 50 x 85 cm. Pack of 6 & Pack...

    Regular price Rs.5,600.00 PKR
    Sale price Rs.5,600.00 PKR Regular price
  • World's Best Hand Towel Pack of 2 ,4, & 6 Soft Hand Towels 100% Cotton

    Packs of 2,4,6 HAND Towels Set Pack of 2,4 ,6 World's Best Hand Towels 500 GSM available in New Arrivals Multi Colours Colours: Black, Charcoal Grey, Silver, White, Chocolate...

    Regular price Rs.2,900.00 PKR
    Sale price Rs.2,900.00 PKR Regular price
  • Hotel Premium Hand Bath Towels 100% Soft Cotton 6 Pack Big Hand Towels

    Item description from the seller Big Hand / Guest Towels 2, 4, 6 Pack 100% Egyptian ring spun cotton guest towels which have a number of...

    Regular price Rs.2,600.00 PKR
    Sale price Rs.2,600.00 PKR Regular price
  • 2x Extra Large Super Jumbo Bath Sheets 100% Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels 600 GSM

    Premium Extra Large Jumbo Bath Sheets - 85 x 165 cm, 2 Pack Super and one piece please select carefully Soft 100% Egyptian Cotton - Highly...

    Regular price Rs.5,300.00 PKR
    Sale price Rs.5,300.00 PKR Regular price
  • Luxury Soft 700 GSM Royal Egyptian Luxury Bath Sheets

    700 GSM Extra Thick Plush Royal Egyptian Bath Sheets Thick and plush are not words that can be thrown around to describe any bath sheets. However,...

    Regular price Rs.5,800.00 PKR
    Sale price Rs.5,800.00 PKR Regular price
  • 2 X Extra Large Super Bath Sheet Towels 100% Egyptian Cotton Bath Sheets

    600 GSM Super Bath Sheet A super thick, intensely absorbent towel made from 100% pure cotton. If you love a heavy weight towel, it doesn't get...

    Regular price Rs.6,500.00 PKR
    Sale price Rs.6,500.00 PKR Regular price