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10 products


10 products

  • Pack of 4 Face Cloth 100% Egyptian Cotton Super Soft 4x Flannel Cloth

    PACK OF 4 FACE CLOTH 100% EGYPTIAN COTTON TOWELS SUPER SOFT FLANNEL WASH CLOTH 500GSM Size: 30 x 30 cm Colours: We have 11 attractive colours.   Premium...

    Regular price Rs.1,200.00 PKR
    Sale price Rs.1,200.00 PKR Regular price

    PACK OF 12 100% EGYPTIAN COTTON FACE CLOTH TOWELS SOFT FLANNEL WASH CLOTH 500GSM Size: 30 x 30 cm Colours: We have 13 attractive colours. Premium...

    Regular price Rs.1,900.00 PKR
    Sale price Rs.1,900.00 PKR Regular price
  • New!

    Pack of 6 Luxury White Face Cloth Towels 100% Egyptian Cotton Soft Flannel Wash Cloths Towel

    12X Luxury Face Cloth Towels 100% Egyptian Cotton Soft Flannel Wash Cloths Towel   Only white Colour Available in pack of 6, 12 & 24  ...

    Regular price Rs.2,000.00 PKR
    Sale price Rs.2,000.00 PKR Regular price
  • Low Price Wholesale Face Cloth Flannel Soft Towels 500 GSM

    WHOLESALE INSTITUTIONAL/HOTEL FACE CLOTHS - 500 GSM (WHITE)  Composition: 100% Cotton  Size: 30x30 cm  Wash Care: Machine Washable at 40 C  Other Features: 500 GSM (Grams per Square Metre) Towel...

    Regular price Rs.2,200.00 PKR
    Sale price Rs.2,200.00 PKR Regular price
  • 12 x Cotton Face Cloths Flannels 100% Egyptian Cotton Wash Cloths Soft 30 x 30cm

    Our super-soft 100% Cotton towels have been specially woven with a rich cotton blend- giving you a lovely luxurious feel. Under strict supervision, these institutional towels have been manufactured to ensure that the process of...

    Regular price Rs.2,500.00 PKR
    Sale price Rs.2,500.00 PKR Regular price
  • 600GSM Royal Egyptian Collection Face Cloths

    600 GSM Royal Egyptian Face Cloths, soft and gentle for your skin Soft, luxurious and gentle for your skin, our 600gsm range are perfect for keeping refreshed...

    Regular price Rs.3,800.00 PKR
    Sale price Rs.3,800.00 PKR Regular price
  • 700 GSM Royal Egyptian Luxury Soft Face Cloths

    Royal Super Soft Egyptian Face Cloths - 700 GSM  Our new 700 gsm range of towels have been made using the finest quality cotton. This new...

    Regular price Rs.7,600.00 PKR
    Sale price Rs.7,600.00 PKR Regular price