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Luxury Soft 500GSM Institutional / Hotel Hand Towels

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500 GSM Hotel/Institutional Hand Towels, thicker, softer, extremely durable & long lasting 
Made from the finest cotton using the ring spun spinning process, these institutional hand towels are extremely durable, long lasting and soft for your skin. With a density of 500gsm, these towels are thicker and ultra absorbent making them perfect for institutions such as hotels, hospitals, schools, spas, and the likes. Available in a contemporary white colour making it perfect to fit in any environment and gives a fresh look. Choose the largest box option available to get the lowest unit price per towel.

Size: Hand Towels (50 x 80cm)

Weight: 500gsm (grams per square metre)

Composition: 100% ring spun carded yarn

Wash Care: Machine Washable & can be tumble dried. 

Ring spun spinning method for durable and soft towels
Our institutional towels are manufactured using the ring spun process. The ring spun process uses a combing machine (which is not the case in open end) which paralyses the fibres, removing shorter and weaker lengths. This creates a more uniform yarn. These yarns are then blended at the carded sliver stage and are twisted in a helix (S or Z direction) to create cohesion and strength. There are up to 20 turns in each inch of ring spun yarn. The open end process avoids these important and costly procedures which is why we use ring spun cotton as opposed to open end. 

Manufactured our self using the finest cotton
Our towels are a long standing favourite with our customers. That's because we manufacture them our self allowing us to use only the finest quality cotton which ensures that all our towels remain thick and fluffy for longer. How many times have you come across those flimsy towels that start thinning after a few washes? Replace them today with our thick, plush towels! 

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