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Complete Your Bathroom with This 6 Piece 600GSM Zero Twist Towels Bale

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Everyone should have access to a thick, velvety towel as one of life's little joys, and that's exactly what our 600gsm Royal Egyptian Zero Twist line provides. These towels, which weigh 600gsm and are made of 100% cotton, offer the utmost softness and absorption. You can be confident that your towels will stay thick, fluffy, and soft for a very long time because of the great durability of these towels and the use of only the best cotton. The towels have an additional layer of softness thanks to the zero twist feature. These towels, which come in both bold and subtle hues, will give any space a fashionable edge.

Size: Two face towels (30 x 30 cm),

two hand towels (50 x 85 cm),

and two bath towels (70 x 130cm)

Size: 600gsm (grams per square meter) Not a Twist

Cotton is the only component.

Machine washable at 40°C for cleaning

produced by us using the best cotton
Our consumers' favorites among our products are our towels. This is because we produce them ourselves, allowing us to use only the best cotton possible, ensuring that all of our towels stay thick and fluffy for a longer period of time. How often do you encounter those thin towels that start to thin out after a few washes? Replace them with our luxurious, thick towels right away!

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